Pocono Mountain Water Forest

Community Association

Dear Fellow Residents, Pot hole repair, patch work, and resurfacing should start around mid-April.
Please keep an eye out for the road crews and drive carefully.
Thank you for your continued support.
Sincerely, Road Committee / Patrick Mastrocovi


The method that we have chosen to do the roads with is known as "Chip Seal".
A typical Chip Seal is performed by shooting a layer of emulsified oil on the existing surface, covering it with a well graded aggregate, and then embedding the aggregate in the oil by rolling it with a rubber wheeled roller.

Actual Pictures of the PMWF Roads being Chip Sealed during Phase 1)
img_0111 IMG_0103

Clubhouse, Gazebo, & Stairs
The Clubhouse, The Gazebo, & The Stairs leading to the the lake were all in need of a much needed facelift.
In July & August of 2019 work was started and completed on these important projects.
Below are pictures of the completions.

The Gazebo was Stained & A New Roof was put on

65920365_382102289105253_6464905475405119488_n 65367543_382102379105244_446501072060547072_n
Some Areas of the Clubhouse were Vinyl Sided and some Areas were Stained


The Stairs were Stained

New Vinyl Siding 65826146_382102555771893_8137586510376468480_n

Tennis Courts, Handball Court, Basketball Court, & Fence

Long overdue were our Tennis, Basketball, & Handball Courts.
The work has been completed. Please see the pictures below

img_0055-2 (Before)
The poles on both Tennis Courts were leaning badly and major cracks were running throughout the courts making them unsafe. The poles have been reseated and are now straight allowing the nets to be adjusted to the proper height. All cracks have been repaired. The courts are now safe to play on

thumb_img_0007_1024 thumb_img_0002_1024-2 (After)

The Handball Courts have had the graffiti removed and have been repainted

img_0072-2 (Before) img_0042 (After)
Anyone that has been to the Basketball Courts knows how badly the old backboards were leaning and how beat-up they were. We have replaced the old Basketball Backboards with heavy duty ones. These have been reseated into the ground on new poles that are now straight and the proper distance from the court so as to insure the safety of the players

The Fencing that was knocked down by cars at the resident gate entrance, has been replaced and stained


Please note that it is extremely important to notify the office if you plan on doing any work on your driveway at least a week in advance. Someone from the roads or building department has to come out and make sure that there is no possibility of run off before the paving can begin. It could be very costly to the community and to you if a culvert is needed and it is not done. It only takes a phone call to avoid a possible disaster in the event of a flood